Saturday, January 2, 2010

happy new year

New Years was spent at Woodford with Saskia, Ruby and Coco. On arrival we had to walk for about a thousand years and up a huge hill to get to our camp site, the tent proved to be even more difficult. Little did we know there was a piece of the tent missing, so we had to make do with what we had. We eventually did something and got the tent up and thank god we decided to bring a fur rug that Saskia's mum had in the car which came in quite handy at 1am. The afternoon was so hot that it made us so, so sleepy we were moving like snails and had various naps in a handful of different locations. Though spending the afternoon sitting on a lush green hill smoking cigs and complaining to each other was great and beating Ruby's score on traffic rush really just made my afternoon. We went back down to the festival for New Years Eve, putting it on paper makes out like we really did nothing, but I swear we did heaps. Charlotte and I spent New Years in a makeshift rave with this guy we'd just met, Rob I think his name was. We got to bed pretty early. maybe 2.30 and all four of us huddled in the tent, it was freezing, thank god for the fur rug. We had maybe two hours sleep and Saskia and I went for a little walk and came back to find our tent collapsed on Ruby and Coco, though it held up pretty well for being crafted out of a few pieces of twine, Saskia's wit and a New Years Miracle.

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